What Are The Neighbors Up To?!

If this statement is uttered in my neighborhood, no doubt they are referring to us. It doesn't help that it's seven thirty in the morning and I'm out on the front lawn in my work clothes, wrestling branches off of a large tree that fell victim to the winds last night. To complete this curious scene I notice I have blood, pouring down my hand and arm and oh...you know, that kind of hurts.

The people stare, the dogs stare too. It's Halloween again.

Just wait until that's over and we start building Mr. Blackwood's spaceship in the garage.


  1. LOL! You and I have the same neighbors!

    Happy Halloween


  2. So, after this, I come home to find that the gardener has been here, taken my entire branch stash AND dismantled my cemetery archway. *facepalm*

    Hope you had a great Halloween - thanks for being such a great inspiration!