Horror Chic

A love of horror. A love of fashion. 

That pretty much sums up this great collection, Horror Chic, on Tumblr. 

June Gloom

Over a year ago, I wrote about an amazing Korean horror fairy tale I had been watching at the time. Happily, it just came back online and the whole series is available to watch. Once you get past the first four minutes, which is a little silly, Revolt: Revenge Of The Gumiho is horror at it finest.

Evil Children, Monsters and Ghosts, Oh, My!

Watch the entire series here, now renamed Gumiho, Tale Of The Fox Child 

Where Will I Go When I'm Dead And Gone?

This video leaves me speechless - mouth agape, speechless. So many things to comment on and I'm not sure where to begin. Encouraging kids to be Norman Bates? Cable TV in your coffin? Will I leave a tear in your eye?