Monsters Make The Best Friends

Obviously, there are other people who think monsters make great playmates.

Also, for Wendy, here is a picture of the pumpkin trees, called Solanum Integrifolium. They've gone and stripped the thorns off of them this year. They come on long, hardy stems, similar to a long stem rose but much thicker and stronger. Also, they last a long time. I usually have the same ones around at Thanksgiving.

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  1. Aw....cute photo!

    And oh my....I MUST be in possession of this plant/tree/whatever it is! It's just what I thought it would look like. I'm going to check on-line and see if there are any Trader Joes around Florida, I don't think there are though. I REALLY want one of these, (pepper or no), it DOES look like a pumpkin tree. And would be perfect in my apothecary. Thank you so much for posting this photo, I'm much appreciative! Have a great weekend!