Okay, Who Brought The (terror!) Dog?

We've learned that it takes a village of the damned to aid in the transformation of our house for Halloween. We lure them with empty promises and candy and, miraculously or foolishly, they come. Walls get papered, headstones get carved, monsters get birthed.

Our in-home workshop of curiosities and wonders is busy...and crowded. The most current excitement surrounds this piece.

With some photos to go on, some cardboard, tape, a couple dangerous cat toys and the always unparalleled genius of Steve, you have the beginnings of the "terror dog," from Ghostbusters.

We'll see how far he gets this weekend!

I should be finishing up the headstones. I should be painting the walls in the hallway. I should also be working up the new additions to the museum of haunted objects. Alas, I fear I will succumb to scarecrow fever.

1 comment:

  1. Just to gove an update --

    The walls got painted in the hallway.

    The headstones got finished.

    The Terror Dog is almost completely Paper Mache'd.

    Halloween's going to rock this year!