The Market IS A Prop House

Some of my favorite props for All Hallows come from asian markets. Particularly, Vietnamese markets. The produce aisle is full of beautiful, unusual things that you can make use of for the one simple reason that most people aren't used to seeing them, which means you can easily transform these items into something eerie or simply use them as is.

My favorite food related prop has always been the chicken foot. I've found they can elicit quite a negative reaction as they seem high on the creepy meter. A package with a dozen or so is typically under two dollars. This year they'll be dangling from the ceiling of the witch's hut. Anyone wanting a drink come Friday night, will have to navigate through them.

Also discovered this year were these fabulous mushroom clusters.

The chicken feet may be dethroned this year as favorite prop by a most sinister looking item. I have no clue what they are, seed pods maybe? Each one looks like a demon head, complete with eyes, horns, facial details and topped off with a tuft of hair. Unbelievable.

They came in a red netted bag, dozens of them.

I think they're watching me...

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  1. Ha...VERY cool ideas. I would never have thought to look there, but what great finds. I love those mushrooms too. My neighbors already think I'm the 'spooky girl on the hill'...I start hanging chicken feet in the trees and I bet they won't bother me ever again...ha!