Back off, man. I'm a scientist.

So, I have a degree in physics. Really. No, I didn't actually plan on doing anything with it, it was merely my way of having fun. Yes...really. Couple this with a long held passion for paranormal goings on, specifically of the ghostly kind, this led to the only logical place it could - being a paranormal investigator.

After years of inventing various theories and hypothesis I became rather vexed and frustrated. I mean, what can I actually do with a hypothesis? Obviously, I needed a lab, of sorts, to work out my theories. My lab quest led me to a team, just forming. This island of misfits consisted of an architect, a historian, a remote viewer and ex-military guy, a demonologist, a vehement skeptic and a physics and acoustics expert, (yeah, that would be me).

I plan on sharing some PI stories here and no, it isn't like Ghost Hunters. This is real, dear reader, not "reality."

My first goal was to actually have a paranormal experience. I eventually did lose my paranormal virginity, but not after wading through filthy houses and structures, some truly disturbed individuals, a host of fruit loopy "ghost hunters" and plenty of dueling "psychics."

So, the adventure began...

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  1. You are my kind of person! I anxiously look forward to your findings!