Spellcasting Music

A few more songs you possibly are not familiar with to add to your playlist for All Hallows.

1) Twink - Theme From Rosemary's Baby
Yes, I'm sure you are familiar with the theme from Rosemary's Baby, but if you haven't heard Twink before you will surely be delighted. This version couldn't be any creepier.

2) Paris Motel - Mr. Spiltfoot
A reference to the Fox Sisters. You can read more about them here:

3) The Fibonaccis - Leroy
I adore The Bad Seed and the exchanges between Rhoda and Leroy are the most delicious parts.

4) The Darklings - The Grave
I am a sucker for the theremin.

5) Sarah Jaroz - Shankill Butchers
I know, you know this one too, but Sarah's bluegrassy wail is worth another listen to this boogeyman story. "They're waiting 'til the dead of night..."

6) Kate Bush - Under Ice
Bush's Hounds Of Love is a treasure trove of scary songs. This one is f'ing terrifying. I shall say no more. Just listen...closely.

7) Nickel Creek - House Carpenter
Shirley jackson referred to him as James Harris and he makes an appearence in many of her unsettling tales. However, he is better known as The Daemon Lover who seduces women with passion, riches and adventure. The house carpenter's wife in this tale, rapidly dumps her dull life of caring for the needs of husband and babies to journey on a magnificent ship...things go downhill rapidly, especially when "She spied his cloven foot."

8) GreensKeepers - Lotion
"It puts the lotion on it's skin, or it gets the hose again." Oh dear.

9) Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground
Who knew Godzilla was so damn funky? Rawr. "I know I'm still better off standin' in the shadows far from humans with guns. But now, it's too late, there's no escape from what they have done."

10) Modest Mouse - Satin In A Coffin
"Are you dead or are you sleeping? God, I sure hope you are dead..."

11) Red Molly - Caleb Meyer
I was first exposed to the tale of Caleb Meyer by Sara and Sean Watkins who often played the song at their live shows. The song depicts every woman's fear.

Listen to all the songs here: http://8tracks.com/cabinetofcuriosities/spellcasting-on-all-hallows

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