Creepy Cakes

Yes, I know, I know...I've been getting a bit carried away with the number of posts concerning sweets. I wouldn't show you if it wasn't worth it though. After all, candy and sweets are one of the best parts of halloween...

Most the the cakes you see on the plethora of cake design, competition-y type shows are not only ugly but cheesey. They look like they were both imagined and created by someone who collects Precious Moments figures or some similarly hideous knicknack. However, these cakes are beautifully executued and the subject matter is right down our dark and menacing alley.

You can see more of Debbie Goard's work at

Poltergeist chicken with maggots

"Marty won't be coming back..."

Eraserhead baby

Split dog from "Return Of The Living Dead"

Blanche's lunch. "But you are in that chair!"

A wedding cake

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