School Pictures

Close encounters with violence, abnormal psychology and a lot of blood. It's just a normal day at school.

Studies in spatter which we get to create ourselves. Weapon of choice? We are given an option of baseball bat, hammer and crow bar. Let the blood fly.

Spatter and tire tread pattern analysis.

Crime scene lab. True crime scenes are often recreated. Most people got tripped up determining the murder weapon, which can be seen in this photo. It was originally left behind a door. Poor girl.

These models are especially helpful when discerning what a possible passerby/witness may have seen. We can look right through from "outside" to get their perspectives. Very helpful in cases like Lizzie Borden's. I did an earlier post on the "inventor" of this aspect of forensic science and the fantastic documentary Of Dolls And Murder.

Imprinting my Docs for an exercise in evidence retrieval.


Diet Coke is on the Most Wanted list.

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