Those Old Timey Nightmares

Mr. Blackwood directed my attention to this piece on and I thought you, gentle reader, would very much enjoy this collection of bizarre and creepy vintage photos.

José Ortiz Echagüe, Vintage Photography
A Semana Santa procession in 1940, Spain.

Getty Images
Halloween, 1905

Franz Fiedler
Franz Fiedler did a series of these necrophilia shots - Narre Tod Mein Spielgesell (Fool Death, My Playmate) in 1922

You can view the entire piece here:


  1. las dos primeras fotos - mi amigo son de un artista cuencano y echas en ecuador - no en españa !!!

  2. solinvitvs - My spanish isn't great, so forgive me if I am misunderstanding your words. You say the first two photographs's source (or rather the artist and location) was from Ecuador, not Spain.

    Apologies if what I posted was, indeed incorrect. Time Magazine reported the sources as such.