Be My Valentine - Songs Of Bones, Blood, Death and Murder

Songs for Valentine's Day. No sweet sentimentality here - just bones, blood, death and murder.

1) Furnace Room Lullaby - Neko Case

I can't seem to find my way up from the basement
A demon holds my place on earth 'till I die
All night, all I hear, all I hear's your heart
How come, how come?

2) Hunting My Dress - Jesca Hoop

I will give my flesh and my blood and my marrow
and you will wear my bones and my skin

3) Do you Want To Be Buried With My People? - Scott Niblett

Do you want to be buried with my people, Dear?
We can rest our bones side by side
In the dirt up yonder high
It's so fun to see me being me alongside you...

4) Belle's Palsy - Reverend Glasseye

I open my mouth and find little voice
I was meant to love you, I don't have much choice
And I thank you
And I love you
But I must make you understand
I have become less than a man
And the storm is coming in

5) Down By The Water - PJ Harvey

I had to lose her, to do her harm.

6) My Boy Builds Coffins - Florence + The Machine

My boy builds coffins he makes them all day
He's made one for himself
One for me too
One of these days he'll make one for you

7) Long Red hair - Vermillion Lies

The sisters lay there
blood, poured from the ends of their hair
Now they both looked fair

8) Hunter's Kiss - Rasputina

I could see the steaming, of his cloudy breath,
No, I was not dreaming, I was next to death.
As I lay there twitching, then my legs he tied.
There was nothing missing, on the day I died.

9) I Put A Sell On You - She and Him

I put a spell on you...'cause you're mine.

10) Skeletons - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Love, don't cry
Skeleton me

11) My Lagan Love - Kate Bush

When rainy nights are soft with tears,
And Autumn leaves are falling,
I hear his voice on tumbling waves
And no one there to hold me.

12) I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

Love of mine, some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark
No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight

13) What's A Girl To Do? - Bat For Lashes

We walked arm in arm...but I didn't feel his touch.

14) Where The Wild Roses Grow - Nick Cave

On the third day he took me to the river
He showed me the roses and we kissed
And the last thing I heard was a muttered word
As he stood smiling above me with a rock in his fist

You can listen to all the songs here: Valentine's day - Songs of bones, blood, death and murder

For some reason - the playlist exempted "Do You Want To Be Buried With My People?" - you can listen here:


  1. Love the list and have one to add - this could be love by the Alkaline Trio:
    Step 1 slit my throat, step 2 play in my blood, step 3 cover me in dirty sheets and run laughting out of the house, step 4 stop by Lake Michigan and rinse your crimson hands. You took me hostage and made your demands. I couldn't meet them so you cut off my fingers one by one - this could be love, love for fire. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Can't forget Guns N Roses..."Used to love her but I had to kill her - she's buried right in my back yard".