The Overlook Hotel - Stephen King and British Channel 4, Take Us Back

At the Savannah Book Festival, guests were treated to Stephen King's announcement of his next book, Dr. Sleep, a sequel to his beloved tome, The Shining. Bloody Disgusting breaks the story and the folks over at The Daily Dead even provide a video of King reading the first chapter of the book.

With this news I am even more excited to travel to The Stanley Hotel , the inspiration for The Shining, for the first time...and you know what? You're invited.

I will be screening my documentary about the history of the hotel which will of course, include all the para-creepiness you can handle. There will great paranormal themed lectures, entertainment and you can even go on a paranormal investigation. You can find all the details right here: Frontier Para Con 2012

While we're talking Shining, you really must watch this FANTASTIC promo created by British Channel 4 for their Stanley Kubrick Season! They've recreated the set of The Shining, complete with look-a-likes of the cast and crew members.

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