Dead Badger + Theremin = The Badgermin

I'm going to assume you already know what a badger is and therefore, I shall forego a description of this impressively clawed creature. However, I am going to proceed with making the leap at guessing you don't know what a theremin is...not by name anyway. If you listen though, you will surely recognize the sound of one instantly - having been exposed to them in suspenseful, spooky horror shows throughout the years and let us not forget all those hours of Star Trek you watch, too.

Watch - Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and his theremin

Now that we are on the same page as it were, allow me to show you this, The Badgermin:

Watch The Badgermin in action:

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  1. What a hoot - I've never seen anyone play a badger before! Your right though - it's a very familar sound.