Singlehandedly Ruining The Neighborhood

Twiggy and Emily had a delightful Halloween

I went out to get my mail this morning and discovered among the Christmas ads, (seriously?) and bills a handwritten, two page note from a Jehova's Witness. It opened with, "You've probably never seen a handwritten note before..." to which Mr. Blackwood replied, "Not one not written in blood anyway." The letter of concern addressed the Halloween decor which adorns the outside of my house and that I am a tool of The Devil. I'm flattered. Who knew he was paying so much attention to me? Clearly, I am special! I was also warned about the "dangers of The Occult!"

Oh my. What would they say if they could see the everyday decor inside my house?

Mr. Blackwood has composed the following reply:


  1. LMAO!!! That is too hysterically funny! Great response!!

  2. Mr. Blackwood--1

    Jehovah's Witness Lady--0

    Excellent letter, keep on ruining the neighborhood!

  3. ROFL I love it! That is just great. Where will he put it so she can find it?

  4. Ha! Good one! I once politely told a religious door-knocker that she was interrupting my ritual goat sacrifice! Great minds.