The First Halloween

We tend to get pretty creative with our nativity scenes at the Blackwood house around the Winter holidays. We've had Kirk, Spock and McCoy as the wise men/kings riding in on a trio of  Back To The Future DeLoreans, Rudolph and Clarice and Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch as Mary and Joseph, a zombie as baby Jesus, and Jayne as the angel Gabriel - to name a few.

However, our fanciful castings may have to be replaced with The First Halloween Nativity Set  !

A nativity set created around a mausoleum, using monsters as the figures. Even the baby has it's own coffin! We love it. 


  1. Hey guys!

    Just found your posting on our Nativity, love it :D Thanks for sharing this on your blog, we hope everyone is as excited as about it as you and we are.

    Thanks again!

  2. *chuckles* Ridiculously cute and funny.

  3. I am so ordering this for Creepmas 2012!