The Devil Inside

On rare occasions I do actually leave the library and even consort with the living from time to time.

Sometimes, all the time I spend with dusty, old books and newspapers and being the historian for an old hospital allows me some pretty fun opportunities. One such opportunity presented itself last week, when I was hired on by Paramount to act as the Hostess/MC for an elaborately creepy event they put together for the press, in celebration of the release of their film, The Devil Inside on Blu Ray and DVD today.

First off, I'll admit to never having seen the movie, based on a true story, but after this event - which could not have been cooler or more detail oriented if Martha Stewart herself had planned the thing, I really want to see it.

Bonnie Morgan gets possessed!

Press arrived and checked in at the original reception desk at Linda Vista Hospital and were given a patient wrist band. A lovely nurse moved among them, with a tray full of meds (jello shots) and occasionally you would catch a priest in full regalia, blessing people.

Myself and Maja getting briefed by production staff.

 I gave a lecture on the history of the hospital, which you can read for yourself right here. They were then split into two tour groups, one of them leading into the bowels of the hospital which was tricked out like a haunted house experience - falling lights, disarming vignettes of eyeless nuns, doctors disappearing into the shadows and an amazing scene played out. as seen above, featuring one of the films stars, Bonnie Morgan (Rosa) . 

Attendees were then treated to what was the highlight of my week, a lecture on demons and possession by the captivating and knowledgeable Maja D'oust, the White Witch Of Los Angeles.  Thanks to Bloody Disgusting you can watch Maja's presentation:

A highlight reel from the event:

Some of the press got especially creative...I mean they got lost...

All in all, I had a really fun day - the event was quite a spectacle. It really does pay to read.


I have no idea who to credit for the photos, they were used on numerous newsy outlets and lacked a photo credit - if you know, please comment so that I may add! 

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