The House That Drips Blood. On Alex.

Oh, hai Tommy.

Writer, director and star of cult favorite, (favorite for all the wrong reasons), The Room stars in The House That Drips Blood On Alex - premiering tonight on Comedy Central at 3 A.M. PST.

I know you have a lot of questions like, "What kind of blood, Merricat?!" and "What kind of house?!" and will there be scotchkas? You'll have to see for yourself....

Many thanks to fellow spooky bloggers and who introduced me to the man who resembles a hunk of spam.


  1. So awesome! I have this on my DVR - haven't watched it yet. I wonder if it will live up to awfulness of The Room?!

  2. I DVRd'd it as well - I told Steve I'd wait to watch it with him but I'm DYING to see it. I don't expect it to live up to The Room - if only Tommy wrote and directed it too!