Greetings, dear guests of our favorite pagan house goddess. Welcome to Blackwood. Since we are meeting for the first time, an introduction is certainly in order...

We used to live in a duplex when I was little. My mother's parents lived on one side of the structure and my father on the other side. My bedroom was in the middle of the two houses. While my father was out at work, which was every weekday twelve to eighteen hours a day, my grandparents were my primary caretakers. So, at bedtime if my father was still at work, I would be put to bed at the proper time by my grandmother.

On this particular night I had been put to bed and my father, just arriving home from work, came in to see me and tell me goodnight. I remember his silhouette moving across the room in the dark, around the bed and kissing me whilst reaching over to turn on the light. Turning on the light was a mistake.

As the light from my little lamp flooded the room and my eyes adjusted, I saw my father standing over me, covered , from head to foot, in blood.

I was told I screamed and cried. I don't remember that, (I was slightly more than a toddler and my family is amazed I can remember anything at all), but I do remember the feeling of fear. It took him a few moments to understand my reaction as he had forgotten all about his appearance.

My father had just come home from filming the famous pig blood scene in the movie Carrie .

As a child, and even now as an adult I have grown up among the most amusing images. Some tangible, some pictorial. There is a series of photographs, (my father has a couple of them and I know some of the others appeared in magazines), of my father and Sissy Spacek, covered in blood, arms around one another, big smiles, looking as though they are posing for their prom picture.

I am told that the following day, I begged to be taken to the set. So began the macabre fancies of a little girl, now grown, living in LA. Today, I hunt down evidence of things paranormal, and long for a place where its always Halloween.

Feel free to roam about as you like or you can select something from the list to your right, The Best Of Blackwood.

I also have a treat to offer. For those of you who leave a comment on this post before the day of Halloween, I will draw a name on the 31st. The winner will get a copy of the new documentary, The Haunted Boy. You can see the trailer below.

Happy Halloween!


  1. "Carrie" was the movie I saw on my first date!

    Very fond memories of that movie here, so thanks to your father for me, and thank you to you for such a beautiful blog and for sharing a personal memory!

  2. What a cool movie - something we would enjoy watching each Halloween (and inbetween). Thank you for the chance!

  3. what a great story! the documentary looks fascinating. the only thing i remember as a young girl (lower elementary age) was that, at night, i would waken to the sound of footsteps, but could see no one walking around. instead of assuming it was my father coming home from second shift, i just knew it was my shoes walking around on thier own. to this day, i put my shoes away & close the closet door...

  4. Visting from Mrs. B's! Nice blog I will be exploring it when time permits.

  5. ~flew in from MrsB's~
    I will be back to read more wonderful tales :)

  6. Gosh, what an introduction! ;)

    Oh, and you made me eager to re-read WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN A CASTLE.

    Thanks also for the chance to win the documentary -- how frightfully interesting.

    Greetings from Germany,

  7. I just LOVE your blog and also was introduced to the darker side early with my mother having Vampires all around the house (not your typical mother) and Edward Gorey's books read to us at night. "Carrie" is one of my fave. movies too. Thank you for your entertaining me. :)

  8. stopped by here via mrs b's blog - love the story of your dad working on the set of carrie and covered in blood - what an exciting childhood to be raised among the amazing and strange---thanks for sharing it all

  9. hi...just hopped over from mrs. b's! great blog! stop by and enter my current giveaway of a package of goodies from salem!

  10. Thanks for hosting us today!

    I swear, the pig blood scene in Carrie STILL freaks me out to this day!

  11. Your tales of the paranormal and unexplained and stories from your experiences bring me such joy. As a fellow lover of the macabre, I thank you.

    I would be delighted to win a copy of this haunting video.

  12. Wow...what a great story! Love your blog...and would love to win the video!

  13. Whoa! That looks awesome.
    Thanks for the preview, and all the interesting reading I've had here.

  14. I am spoiling the number of comments by adding the 14th!
    Love the blog Merricat, I found you when you found my post on We Have Always Lived In The Castle many months ago and have been a great fan ever since. Keep up the creep,

  15. Thanks for the movie preview and for having an interesting blog.