Haunted Homework - Part II

I got to Chris' house around seven. We needed to drive out to an area in the Mojave Desert, a two and a half hour drive away, to handle an investigation invloving a mother and her kids that were being plagued by...well, something.

After begging Chris for Starbucks and asking if we could please get dinner, we started our road trip.

Fast forward to approximately 9:30 P.M. We're driving down a highway in the middle of the dessert and theres nothing around save for kamikazie dessert bunnies. We've been having a rather involved conversation when I notice Chris grip the steering wheel firmly and apply pressure to the brakes. He starts to loose control of the car a little and I wonder why he's trying to stop. My eyes search the ground, seeking out the aforementioned bunnies for some suspicious Night Of The Lepus action, but see none. A flash of movement and white, pulls my gaze upwards and I see a man, early twenties, wearing a white tank, jeans with a chain dangling off them. His head is shaven and his left arm adorned with tattoos. When I see his face I forget all of that and can just focus on the face. He looks utterly mad. So mad he makes the Hatter look sane.

He's running full speed at us, like a train. Chris, thankfully, gets the car to a full stop approximately five seconds before the guy hits the front of the Beetle, wheels around to pass the driver's side and continues racing head on into the path of the next oncoming car.


I call 911. Let me just say thank goodness no one was dying or about to be serial killed because it took them forever to answer. Then, the dispatcher was a moron.

Me: ...yeah a man, running down the center of the highway into oncoming traffic.

Dispatcher: Uh, huh...and what sort of vehicle was he driving?

Me: No, he wasn't
driving he was running down the center of the one lane here on HWY 14 into oncoming traffic.

Dispatcher: Uh huh, and he was running along the shoulder of the road there?

Me: *eyeroll of desperation and facepalm* Nooooooo...I said HE WAS RUNNING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC.

Chris: *giggle*

Dispatcher: Uh huh...and what kind of vehicle was he driving again?

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