Haunted Homework - Part I

Most investigations begin with a request. This one was as follows:

"I believe my house has unwanted spirits in it. My daughters has seen shadows
and my dog goes crazy went she goes near the dining room. I myself have felt an
uneasy presence here. I have had experiences in the past. Could you please write
me back and let me know what you think."

A phone call is made to the sender. This is what I am told:

They've been experiencing activity in their home, mainly in the dining room area. She has the feeling of being watched and a general "creeped out" feeling whenever she has to go into that room. Her daughter (16) has reported seeing shadows with red eyes. Her older daughter who is no longer living at home has seen hideous beings as well as deceased family members. In addition, they've experienced cold spots and their dog flips out over unseen things too.
She says she has a sister-in-law who is a Native America Shaman and who has been to her home and told her that there are two old ladies hanging around. She performed a saging of the home but they continue to experience activity.

As usual, I don't expect much. Teenage girl + EMFs = "poltergeist" party.

I fail.

*parts II and III are upcoming

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