Ghost Golf

Just heard the following from parapsychologist, Loyd Auerbach:

"Okay, here's a weird thing that's going to be controversial: Ghost Golf in Concord, CA, an indoor mini-golf course set in an effects-laden cemetery, is actually haunted. Owned by a friend of mine (who also designed the effects) who'd reported odd goings on in 2010 when he was building the place out. Activity not accounted for by the effects (neither the mechanisms or the programming) has been going on. A recent investigation -- video soon to be on the web -- with psychic Maria Lagana yielded some interesting info, an apparent contact, and most impressively some cooperation from the apparition (which we got on camera). When the video's ready to go, I'll post the links and an article on my website. In the meantime, real ghost or not, it's a cool place to visit (and play a round)."

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  1. This sounds like a great thing to do - next time I am in California, I'm playing 9 holes here.