Creepmas Cartoon Break

Wintry fun and cuteness reign, until he comes to life.

This 1932 cartoon is like a version of Frankenstein On Ice.

A review of the piece by James Francis Crow in a Hollywood Citizen News entertainment column appeared on August 24, 1933:

Ted Eshbaugh, touted as the first worthy competitor to Walt Disney, has completed the first color cartoon of The Wizard of Oz series, and it will be released soon by a major studio, this column hears.

Another of Eshbaugh's creations, called The Snow Man, in an Arctic locale, applies the Frankenstein theme to cartoon comics. The snow man builded by the little Eskimo hero and his animal pals comes to life and spreads havoc in the north country. But our hero runs to the North Pole Power Plant, turns on the Aurora Borealis, and melts Mr. Snow Man.

A fish the icy Frankenstein has swallowed is found swimming in the placid lake formed at his demise.

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  1. That's like Frosty on Steroids. You've inspired me to look for some of my old holiday favorites...