Helping, Hoaxing Or Hollywood Whoring?

This story is currently making the rounds in the para-community. LA Ghost Patrol, who claim to be a team of three paranormal investigators in the Los Angeles area, have a page on their website dedicated to their reality show. On it reads the following:

Last summer we announced that the LAGP was shooting a paranormal reality television pilot. Despite all our preparations, we had to abandon the production during the first night of shooting due to unforeseen, and ultimately tragic, circumstances.

Since then, many rumors and half-truths about what really happened that night have cropped up. Due to various reasons, we cannot reveal all the details of what occurred. We are working with our producer to find a way to get the footage that was shot during the investigation into a form we can show everyone.

In the meantime, we have posted a few facts concerning the shoot and will update this page with new information when allowed to do so.

The "ultimately tragic circumstances" they refer to is listed at the bottom of the page:

Around 3:00am the house lost power and an “event” occurred forcing us to stop the shoot.
During the resulting confusion, the seven year old girl daughter of the client, Maddie, went missing.

Here is a link to the page so you can view it yourself:

The Scifake site relates that there was a website set up for the missing child,, which has since been removed. They also claim the domain was purchased three months prior to the time LA Ghost Patrol's site referred to it.

I've viewed some of their video "evidence," which I find ridiculous, in my opinion. The team of three seem to be false in their reactions, "Acting!" and nothing shown would be viewed as actual evidence by anyone who actually is a paranormal investigator. Also, there are plenty of edits.

I think something is rotten in Denmark. This has Blair Witchiness written all over it. Mind you, I'm not at all calling these folks out to be liars and anyone who does should be backing up the claims with a lot of research and yes, evidence. After all, that is what a real investigator does.

There is a lot more to the story, which you can find at


  1. I think these folks are about to learn an important lesson about how people's views can vary dramatically based on small circumstances. When people hear about missing adults they don't get very concerned, because they know there can be many reasons why an adult may choose to go off on their own. But when children are missing, it's almost a foregone conclusion that something horrible has happened. They pay closer attention to the picture, tell others, open their wallets and donate to help with the search. They feel bad. I remember thinking the Blair Witch stuff was cool and clever. But I have an instant dislike for these people.

    The backlash that's coming their way... they better give up whatever ideas they had about careers involving fame. I'd suggest they try the post office.

  2. I concur - this was not thought out at all. The main producer of the reality show has been in the business for awhile and is rather savvy. I'm wondering how this will damage - or unbelievably enough help, her career and everyone involved.