Possessed - Part I

Each year around this time I begin work on what is probably my favorite feature of the transformation our house makes every Halloween, The Museum Of Haunted Objects. New haunted objects are added every year, necklaces that choke the wearer, paintings that emit whispers and cries, stolen idols that bring bad fortune.

Our pop culture is littered with such references. "Living Doll" and "The Dummy" are two of the most recalled Twilight Zone episodes. On film, there's Chucky and Christine and of course, one of my greatest guilty pleasures, The Puppet Master series.

With the advent of Ebay, one can even buy and sell supposedly haunted objects, the sale of which often make headlines.

Although fascinating, this subject is not relegated to books and movies - it may be all too real.

John Zaffis has been involved in the paranormal community for 35 years. During this time he has amassed a collection of hundreds of haunted objects and placed them in a Museum - Museum Of The Paranormal http://www.johnzaffisparanormalmuseum.com/
In addition, he's made a film about the museum and the stories behind the objects themselves.

Listen to Altered States Para Radio's episode with John Zaffis as he tells the stories behind some of the objects in the collection and the very inherent dangers involved.


With the release of the film, The Last Exorcism, capturing our attention, Blackwood will be focusing on stories of possession this week.

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