Boyle Heights Paranormal Project

The Boyle Heights Paranormal Project hosted a party to remember last night, in celebration of the launch of their new website, at historic and some say haunted, Linda Vista Hospital, in Boyle Heights.

The team could not have been more kind or appreciative hosts to the droves of fans that showed up. So many, that some were turned away. More on the event, the creeptastic locale and my interview with this unique and wonderful team, coming up soon. In the meantime, I'll let the pictures tell the story.

Visitors are welcome to redistribute and share the photographs, but please, do give a link back to Blackwood
Many thanks.


  1. These pictures are excellent, and it was lovely to meet you last night! xo Melissa (from GHOULA)

  2. Cool! Super creepy!

    Boring fact: my name was supposed to be Constance! My mom changed it at the last minute :)

  3. Merricat, I love your photos. The pink and green painting (mural?) is particularly eerie.