Girl, Interrupted Part III - The Final Frontier

The third and final chapter to my account of this investigation.

You can find parts I and II

Dave is in the hospital wing, rapidly moving everywhere, in the hallways, in and out of rooms. This is all accompanied by him talking. I honestly don't remember much in this period of time. I was too wrapped up in what I had just experienced. I stood at the nurse's station and began to write down my notes. Christopher turns up and, silently, I think, takes the spot on the opposite side of the counter directly across from me and sets up his equipment. We do not speak. He begins to work on a sketch of the woman he had the exchange with and write down notes of his impressions. I point the beam of my flashlight on his paper so he can see better.

We finally settle down enough to try for some EVPs, using an engaged method. It's mostly Christopher and sometimes Dave running the show here, until Christopher draws me in. I try to be antagonistic in my responses. Some think this approach just might get a reaction from an entity if we can hit the right button. All eyes are focused closely on the laptop, looking for a response on the graph. Maybe? We hope.

We decide to head to the very end of the hallway. Dave and Christopher both feel that in the center of this hallway, there is some sort of opening or portal. I walk through it a few times by myself, whispering secret pleas, inaudible to my team mates, to whatever unseen things might be there to please show me something, make me feel something, anything. I'm not like the others, I explain. I cannot see or feel like they do, I need more. Nothing happens.

In the very last room on the right side of the hallway Dave can sense something in two different corners of the room and what is most likely, (if such a thing can happen at all that is), a residual of a patient looking out the doorway and into the hall. Christopher approaches one of the two corners and has a violent reaction. It seems he is choking and says he feels as though he is going to vomit. I make certain he is ok first. Then I place myself in the center of this spot and make my pleas, hands outstretched. I am a little frightened, yet I stand, motionless and wait. I am again denied. Christopher comes near again and says he still feels it, but with me there it is now something he can endure.

An hour has passed. We decide to return to the manor.

I don't want to sleep but, I know I should. All night I have been asking to sleep in the hospital wing, the basement, Mary's room, a place where there is the most potential for something to happen. As much as I want to, I know no one will allow me to sleep alone. After everything that has occurred tonight I cannot bring myself to make this request of anyone. I concede and get ready to sleep in the dining room area. Christopher stays with me.

Perhaps ten minutes after I lie down, it begins again. There is whispering all over. It isn't my teammates. It's…I don't know what. Later, I discover that Christopher can hear it too. I begin to drift off to sleep when the voice from earlier makes it's return. I don't remember what it said anymore, only that it and the constant whispering kept bothering me. My body reacts, maybe four or five times by exhibiting Periodic Limb Movement. You know that feeling when you're just falling off to sleep or you're dreaming of falling and your body jerks you awake? It is approximately 4:45 in the morning. I am not able to sleep longer than twenty minutes at any one time.

That's it. The highlights.

I am back home, among the comforting familiarity of things. Everything here is the same as when I left on Friday night. Everything but me, that is. I feel like someone hit my internal reset button when I was mid-sentence. I've lost my place and I can't even recall the topic matter. I don't know what this means yet or how it will alter me. I only know that in this moment I'm a girl, interrupted.

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