The Urim and Thummim Movie: Crypto-objectology

The Urim and Thummim. Ever heard of it?
Me neither.

The name belongs to an Old Testament object that served as an oracle to Aaron, Moses' brother. The Book Of Mormon "author" Joseph Smith also claims to have come into possession of it.

So, fast forward too many centuries to keep track of. Three native Tennessee Everymen are on their way to Nashville for a tiling job. They enter town late and decide to blow off the job and go to a local Goodwill store. One of these men finds an unusual object lying on a self in the housewares area of the store. He lays out sixty nine cents for it.

He claims this object is the Urim and Thummim.

See for yourself.

I recently had a chance to see the documentary, where I met the director and the three gentlemen featured in it. I also had my chance to look into the "object." That, gentle readers, is a story for another day.



  1. thanks for the compliment on my about serendipity...yesterday I was looking up material for some artideas I had..(the Harrowing of Hell) and as the articles and research went on I found my self discovering Urim and Thummim. I was aware of U&T some time ago and reread the info.

    I thought what an interesting mystery that can be developed out of that for a storyline for a short horror story.
    Here today...I find it on yer webpage...

    Weird....this is has been happening to me a lot lately.

    Love the webpage look. Do have any art to view?


  2. Well, hello.
    Serendipity is a fascinating thing. Is it only what you make of it or attributed to something else at work? In the end, I suppose it all comes down to what you do, or do not do with it.

    The U&T as inspiration for horror? That's not so far off as what the caretaker of this found object claims - that images of demons abound. Terrible things, people claim to "see." A good story, it would surely make.

    Sadly, the art is not mine! I only color in the pretty pictures - you can find a snippet of my color work here:

    Thanks for visiting. I'll be lurking around, admiring your art from time to time.